About Us

Beyond a Job

For the founders of JSM, property development is more than a job; it’s a family tradition. It started back in 1935 when the family patriarch, Lyon Hartman first went into construction with his brothers. Nearly 40 years later, sons Jeff, Steve and Mike Hartman continued the family legacy, joining various real estate development ventures to form JSM Apartments, JSM Commercial and JSM Development Services. 

Today, the brothers own and manage more than 1,500 apartments and 450,000 square-feet of commercial space in Champaign-Urbana and Bloomington-Normal, taking a very personal interest in the properties they maintain and the community they call home. To date, the brothers have refused to manage properties they don’t own, ensuring that all buildings under the JSM banner meet their personal standard for excellence. As the next generation of Hartmans begins to take part in the family business, the brothers and their staff continue to ensure that JSM tenants enjoy the award-winning amenities, round-the-clock maintenance and friendly property management that have been a family hallmark for three generations. 

Why JSM Commercial is Different?

At JSM Commercial, we pride ourselves with providing our retailers benefits and services that set us apart from the rest. While managing 1,500 apartments with a population of 3,500 residents, we are able to cross-market between our residential and commercial tenants. Below is a list of services that JSM Commercial and JSM Development Services offers to our commercial tenants. 

  • Experienced commercial property team
  • Creative lease options
  • In-house architectural and construction services
  • Local market analysis
  • 24/7 maintenance
  • JSM only manages what we own, ensuring quality service
  • Marketing opportunities
    • Social media development
    • JSM VIP Program
    • Email blasts on special promotions
    • Personalized marketing


Christy Johnson
Director of Commercial Real Estate

Paige Schwartz 
Senior Marketing Specialist

Micaela Singer 
Marketing Assistant